Thru the Roof - Band Bio

Thru the Roof is a cutting edge alternative Christian rock/worship band out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The name Thru the Roof comes from the story in Mark 2 about the four men who tore a hole in the roof and lowered their paralyzed friend down to Jesus to be healed.  Like this Biblical story, we want to be known as four guys who will do whatever it takes to get our friends to Jesus.

Our music ministry has enabled us to travel all over California to different youth events, church services, and camps.  We have been termed “musicianaries”, because like a missionary who travels directly to the unsaved to spread the news of Jesus, we travel to the lost and use our music to inspire and teach about Jesus Christ.  We love meeting people at the different events we play, and talking to them on our website.

We have been together for over three years, and have had many great opportunities to minister on stage with other bands like: Sonic Flood, Switchfoot, Salvador, Larry Norman, The Elms, and Ashley Cleveland.  It is such a blessing to see how these popular bands are ministering to today’s people.

Thru the Roof is comprised of four members: Darren Pozzi on vocals, Aaron Thompson on electric guitar, Jerry Cintas on bass, and James Cantrell on drums.  Darren's powerful vocals, heart to worship, and creative song writing have touched many people’s lives and are helping bring Christ to this generation.

I think what makes people excited about Thru the Roof is that our heart for Jesus is immediately evident through our music.  With our lyrics we don’t get to poetic and hide the real meaning of Jesus behind the lyrics, but teach it boldly.  We also have the ability to appeal to broad age groups, because our music is so diverse. We custom tailor our sets to meet the needs of those we are ministering to.

With over 150 concerts performed, we have had the benefit of touching lives in many different cities and situations.  As a band we cherish the opportunity to minister to people outside of our own churches and neighborhoods.

Written June 2005