By Zach Vestnys of Thru the Roof

      Intro:      G   C   G   C

G                 C
Who has descended into heaven?
           G                C
And who has gathered the wind in his hands?
           G                C
And who has bound the waters in a garment of grace?
           G                C
And who has established the Earth and what is his name?

     Pre Chorus:
         G        C
Its Jesus
         G        C    D
Its Jesus

G             D              C                   D    G
     I will worship You with all my heart.
                       D        C                    D     Em
Stand and honor You with all my strength.
           D                 C                    Am                  D
I will sing Your praise all my days, all my days.

G             D           C                        D          G
     I will sing to You, give You everything.
                D                C                     D   Em
Glory honor and power to you my King.
    D              C                           Am                  D
I will give thanks for all my days, all my days.
      Em     C                                G                      D
In You I find everything that I could ever hope for.
              Em      C                                       G                    D                         C         D   C  D
And in You I praise your name from this day on now and forevermore

Copyright 2000 Zach Vestnys