By Zach Vestnys of Thru the Roof

      Intro:      G   D/F#   Em   D   C   D

      Verse 1:
G                   D/F#                              Em
If I had one song to right all the wrong
                              D                                C                              D
To deliver Your soul, how would it go, how would I know
G                                      D/F#                        Em  
Cause You called my name and I was ashamed
                       D                                           C
I need Your strength to stand here again
To fight till the end
                    C                             D

Lord here I am, Lord here I am

     C    D        Em
If I fall back down
                 C         D    Em
Help me stand my ground
              C      D   Em
Yes I'll fight for You

              C  D Em                C  D Em    
And I'll go.           Yes I'll go
                    C    D   Em
And I'll be full for You
                      C                           D
Deliver me deliverer and I'll go
                                       G   D/F#   Em   D   C   D
Where You want me to

     Verse 2:
G                           D/F#                        Em
If we could just sing to heal everything
                        D                                      C                                      D
Surrender it all and praise to Your name and tell of Your fame
G                   D/F#                      Em                      D                              C
King of all kings, Lord over all hear us we pray God hear us call
                     D                C                                     D
Father we call on You, we call You Father

Copyright 2000 Zach Vestnys          http://www.thrutheroof.com