With Him
By Zach Vestnys of Thru the Roof

      Intro:      Am    F    Am  F

      Verse 1:
Am                                   F
           A cross upon a hillside
Am                                         F
           What does it mean
Am                                                F
           Most say that it speaks of death
Am                                                        F          G
           But it means so much more to me
Am                                                 F
           It's true that Jesus died there
Am                                               F
           There's so much more to be told
Am                                                         F
           Cause He rose three days later
Am                                                     F                 G
           Now He walks upon the streets of gold

Am                    F                       C       G
       We will soon be with Him forevermore
Am                               F                          C                 G
       Where we can walk with Him upon that crystal shore
Am                     F                    C       G
       Talk with all of the saints of old
Am                          F                           C                  G
       And bow before the mighty throne of God
     Verse 2:
Am                                                F  
       Like Thomas how can we believe
Am                                            F
       In something that we cannot see
Am                                                F
       We need to touch His wounds
Am                               F              G
       So that we can be set free
Am                                       F 
       They visited the tomb that day
Am                                                    F
       That's where they saw an angel
Am                                       F
       Someone had rolled the stone away
Am                                        F              G
       We know that Jesus lives today

Copyright 1996 Zach Vestnys          http://www.thrutheroof.com