What You Could Be

He could use you if you will find him
And everyone wants to know where you are
And everyone wants to get in right behind you
If you could only reach out that far

What you could be

Saw you there just the other day
I could not believe my eyes
I stumbled for the right words to say like
Greener grass and bluer skies

I just want to leave it all behind
I just want to meet you there
I just need a place to unwind
Just need a place to repair

But I can’t find it on my own
I need the grace and all the love that you’ve shown
And you say let them go, be among the ones unknown
As your eyes search all around, here I am

Now the days turn into weeks
The weeks turn into years
I’m going to leave this all behind
Going to let it die with all my fears

Copyright 2000, Zach Vestnys - Thru the Roof