Your Time to Shine
(Jordan's Song)

It was a cold December day
No one could find you
They said you went away
They didn't say how long
And everything's okay
That's what they told me
If everything's okay
Why does it feel so wrong

And you were the one
Who taught me how to soar
And I saw you laying there
You weren't moving anymore

You could be the one
To change the world
Here's your chance to shine
Show them who you are

All the prayers prayed
All the tears cried
All the smiles faded
All the fears we hide
We will look you in the face
Follow close behind
You could set the pace
We will watch for you

Teach me to fly

You sang that song that day
You prayed by chance
To see you sing along
To see you start to dance
You sang the chorus loud
Praised God with our song
If you listen really close
You could hear the angels sing along

Together we sang
God You are just
No matter what this life unfolds
You have claimed our trust

Teach us to fly

Take me away take me away
Take me all the way
Take me away from here
Show me how to run this race

Copyright 2000, Zach Vestnys - Thru the Roof